Dr. William J. Sacco

The William J. Sacco Critical Thinking Foundation was established in July 2011 to honor and continue forward the life’s work of Dr. William J. Sacco.

Dr. William J. Sacco passed away the morning of July 20, 2011 at his home with his family.  Bill has touched many lives — bringing a boundless amount of joy, energy, optimism, and positive spirit into every activity, personally and professionally.  Our thoughts and prayers go out for the loss of a truly unique and wonderful man.

Dr. Sacco was a pioneer in trauma registry research, making key contributions to the development of trauma severity scores with applications to patient triage, tracking, and outcomes evaluation, from the earliest days of trauma registries.  Dr. Sacco was a co-developer of TRISS, a chief research consultant for the American College of Surgeons Major Trauma Outcome Study, and a prolific author, writing over fifteen books and two hundred papers in the fields of trauma analysis, research, and applied mathematics.

In 1999, Dr. Sacco was named an Honorary Fellow of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) for his lifetime contributions to the field of trauma research and outcomes evaluation.

In 2004, the Dr. William J. Sacco Award was initiated in Bill’s honor by Digital Innovation, to provide annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of applied mathematics and critical thinking.  Bill was a lifelong educator, successful business founder, and a valued mentor of countless individuals.

This Foundation will provide a tangible and lasting legacy of Bill’s passion for inspiring, educating, and mentoring youth in the fields of applied mathematics.  This web site will serve as a focal point for the foundation, providing a library of Bill’s body of work, and an organizational point for initiatives aimed at supporting the mission of the Foundation.  These activities will include mentoring, educational, and scholarship initiatives for youth, espousing the critical thinking and applied mathematics concepts that Dr. Sacco was so passionate about throughout his life and esteemed career.