Dr. William J. Sacco

The William J. Sacco Critical Thinking Foundation was established in July 2011 to honor and continue forward the life’s work of Dr. William J. Sacco. It began as The William J. Sacco Award in 2004 and was given out to a student at C. Milton Wright and Havre De Grace High School as an annual scholarship to graduating high school seniors who demonstrated excellence in the areas of applied mathematics and critical thinking.

It has grown significantly since then and now students and teachers from every high school in Harford Country, MD are eligible to receive awards.

This Foundation will provide a tangible and lasting legacy of Bill’s passion for inspiring, educating, and mentoring youth in the fields of applied mathematics. This web site will serve as a focal point for the foundation, providing a library of Bill’s body of work, and an organizational point for initiatives aimed at supporting the mission of the Foundation. These activities will include mentoring, educational, and scholarship initiatives for youth, espousing the critical thinking and applied mathematics concepts that Dr. Sacco was so passionate about throughout his life and esteemed career.