There are many ways that you can help support the William J. Sacco Critical Thinking Foundation with a gift of your time and expertise. You can help in any or all of the following capacities —

  • as an Advisory Member – Volunteering as an advisory member will help bring your passion, skills, background, and expertise to the Foundation. We realize that Dr. Sacco’s network is comprised of highly successful and busy professionals — the exact type of “outcome” that Bill sought to bring about for everyone. So the time commitments will be kept to a minimum. We are looking for a cross section of persons, with interests in topics ranging from business, to education, to software, to trauma research, and others. As a group we can apply small doses of time, to a great an powerful outcome. If you can help brainstorm ideas, participate in planning calls, help the Foundation operate, or help deliver or support any of the Programs, please drop us a line.
  • as a Product Team Member – Many diverse project management, planning, technical, and other skills are required to create the envisioned products of the Foundation. If you are interested in helping ijn any of these ways, please contact us with your interest and a brief background of ways you’d like to participate.
  • as a Mentor – Dr. Sacco lived by a philosophy of mentoring others. There are many ways that the Foundation can “pass on this torch’ from Dr. Sacco to all of us. Even small contributions of time can have a large and positive impact. If you are interested in being available to assist in planning or delivery of any of the Foundation’s mentoring programs as they become established, please contact us.

If you are able and interested in supporting the Foundation in any of the above ways, please contact us at: contact@saccofoundation.org