Dr. Sacco was a lifelong educator, businessman, and prolific writer, researcher, and developer. He co-founded or supported numerous successful companies, has won numerous awards and recognitions, and authored or co-authored over 15 books and 200 papers. In addition, he has developed, or been involved in the development of, many products of many types and forms, from education products to trauma data products, and others.

One mission of the Foundation will be to compile a master reference of Dr. Sacco’s lifetime “body of work” to serve as a public resource for his many contributions to industry and society. Compiling and organizing these links will require the energy of many persons, and you are encouraged to contact the Foundation if you can assist with the legwork and research of building this library. Also, please contact us at with any overviews or references to any of Bill’s body of work that you are aware of, so we can be sure to include links in this site.