Dr. Sacco was a truly unique individual. Human nature and needs require most persons to focus on their own development, careers, and professional interests, as their primary focus. Bill saw things differently. He believed that if he invested in “mentoring” and developing young persons who possessed great aptitude, that this would ultimately give him the greatest way to advance his own visions. But, knowing Bill, this was not his true motivation. Bill was truly motivated simply by a joy and desire to help others succeed.

The Foundation would like to continue to support this unique style and approach of Dr. Sacco, by organizing ways that Foundation Members and Supports can help mentor K-12 students and young professionals. The Advisory Board will be planning mentoring programs in the future. These could include Members providing guest lectures of Dr. Sacco’s educational materials to aspiring students, as well as providing part-time employment opportunities for high school students in true technical fields, often not afforded to them. Other areas of mentoring could be expanded into the trauma research field as well, to help advance new mathematical models based on the latest data and injury scoring methods.

If you would like to assist in the planning or delivery of any of these types of Mentoring Programs, please check out the ways that you can Participate. Click here for details.