Dr. Sacco was a lifelong educator. Though his career took him in many directions, including many fields of applied mathematics, and trauma data research, Bill never strayed far from his roots in education. Many of Bill’s proteges, including many of the advisory board members of the Foundation, were afforded early opportunities to pursue true technical jobs at an early age (high school), due to Dr. Sacco’s vision and willingness to seek out talented mathematics students and provide them with opportunities to implement his concepts. Much of that early work was in developing educational software programs that embodied Bill’s creative ideas. He believed that even elementary school students can begin to master skills often not taught until graduate school, if presented in the right way.

Following on with Bill’s vision for these types of products, the Foundation will seek to enlist the development of new mediums, such as the iPad, and others, for implementing education software based on Dr. Sacco’s concepts. Dr. Sacco realized that a game-like presentation would allow students the opportunity to learn advanced concepts easily, and in a fun environment. Modern technology will make these ideals “come to life” even more so than they could in the mid 1980’s when personal computers were just being introduced.

The resulting products will be made available to the public, to support the education mission of the Foundation, and to provide awareness of Dr. Sacco’s life work and the many other resources available that build upon these concepts. Fee-based products will also be made available, with all proceeds being cycled back to the Foundation to expand and further support its Mission.

This page will be expanded to identify specific products and initiatives that will become part of Sacco Foundation Product Portfolio.

Envisioned Product #1 — A first product will be an iPad version of an education game that teaches young children the methods for solving “shortest path” problems, based on a graph theory searching algorithm, using one of Bill’s favorite educational scenarios for this problem of helping a fire truck determine the best route through a crowded city to a fire location. Presented in the right format, young children can solve these problems using just simple addition. This was part of Bill’s “insight”, and it inspired him to dedicate much of his professional life to enabling this knowledge in others. The power that comes to a gifted young mind by understanding these concepts early in life, is truly amazing.

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