In 2004, the William J. Sacco Award was initiated by Dr. John F. Kutcher, to honor Dr. Sacco’s lifetime contributions and passion to education, research, and applied mathematics. Since the inception of the award, 18 graduating seniors have received scholarship awards presented at their high school commencement ceremonies.  The awards were originally sponsored by Dr. Kutcher’s company, Digital Innovation, Inc., in recognition of the many contributions Dr. Sacco has made as mentor and colleague. This year the awards will be funded by the Foundation and its sponsors.

The Foundation continues to expand the Scholarship Program with additional sponsors and Foundation resources. Our vision is to make the William J. Sacco Award one of the most prestigious academic awards provided to graduating high school seniors throughout all of Harford County, Maryland, Bill’s home town area. Our goal is to encourage more young persons to take on the study and application of applied mathematics and critical thinking at an early age, and provide them with additional support to focus on studies that can help lead them to make substantial contributions to industry and society as they progress in their careers.

We are pleased to announce that for the 2013 year, seniors from all Harford County Public Schools and The John Carroll School are eligible for the scholarship. Previously, only students from C. Milton Wright and Bel Air High School were eligible.

This page will eventually expand to include a roster of all Sacco Award recipients, and their academic and professional accomplishments.

Educator Award

The Educator Award was established in 2012 to honor and celebrate Dr. Sacco’s life and work by recognizing and awarding noteworthy mathematics teachers in Harford County who carry on Dr. Sacco’s legacy in their classrooms today.

The William J. Sacco Mathematics Educator Award will be presented to an outstanding high school mathematics educator who demonstrates exceptional mentoring skills, creative teaching methods, and success in incorporating real-world applications into the classroom.